Sunday, June 16, 2013


I should  probably call this post the Young Women's Camp edition of Sundy's Seven Sabbath Sentiments!
Key Lime Pie, Kotten Kandy and I left for girls camp on Tuesday.  Our ward took seven girls and two leaders.  We had a blast!
Top Row:  Muffin, Avocado and Skittles
Bottom Row:  Me, Kotten Kandy, Dipping Dots, Key Lime Pie and Roxy
Our theme was Tangled.  We had pillowcases, shirts, and frying pans to celebrate!  One of the best investments I made was to purchase the Tangled Soundtrack.  We listened to it daily and the girls loved it!  There was no complaining about the music and it made waking up easier too.  Our theme made camp a lot of fun!
Skittles and Kotten Kandy with their frying pans....
Kotten Kandy, Avocado, Jan, Jane, Key Lime Pie, Skittles and Muffin
My favorite part of girls camp was when Jan Melanson and Jane Snow came up for our ward dinner/cook out.  The girls made hobo dinners.  Key Lime Pie took care of the fire and Kotten Kandy headed up the prep work (ie. cutting potatoes, etc.)  The food was delicious!  The company was superb!  And the banana boats for dessert were amazing!
Key Lime Pie and Her fire
Kotten Kandy cutting potatoes
Muffin (Ron) & Key Lime Pie (George) & Fred
Fred & Muffin & Kotten Kandy & Avocado & Key Lime Pie (George) & Skittles
The girls also went canoeing and did service (making blankets for a rest home).  They passed off their assignments and have both graduated to the next year of camp.  Next year, Kotten Kandy will be a 2nd year and Key Lime Pie will get to go on the 4th year hike!
Kotten Kandy & Dipping Dots
Muffin & Key Lime Pie & Skittles
Fred & George with their chalkboard notebooks
The 3 Stooges:  Kotten Kandy, Avocado & Skittles
Fred, George and Jenny Weasley
Kotten Kandy was really excited that one of the YCC leaders, Emily, was able to braid her hair.  She thought it was way to short to be able to braid, but Emily was a magician!  And Kotten Kandy was really excited about the results.
Key Lime Pie spoke in church today.  She did a beautiful job.  She talked about the roles of fathers and how her own dad was an amazing example of being a father.
Speaking of Dads, I am blessed to know three exceptional fathers:  Scott (my husband), Grandpa Mac (aka. my Dad), and Grandpa D (aka. Dad DeGooyer).  They truly make my life wonderful!  Thank you for being a part of my life... and thank you for your examples and constant encouragement!


  1. Girls Camp was amazing and you could tell everyone had a great time. I was lucky to get to spend a day with them and see how much fun they were having.
    I agree we truly have amazing dad's.

  2. Kotton Kandy - I love - love - love your hair braided. You are going to have to practice and teach yourself how to do that. You are talented enough I'll bet you could! My only wish is I could have been with ya'll at camp. Wouldn't that have been a blast! I love camping!