Saturday, November 28, 2015


Key Lime Pie, Kotten Kandy and Lollipop
So... it takes us 4 days to put up ALL of our Christmas decorations.  And it's only day 2.  I think that Lollipop is most excited about getting her own stocking.  Thank you, Aunt Kerri, for making her one too!  It was a HUGE hit!  Here here is a preview of our decore:
Lollipop and Key Lime Pie decorated the tree...
Scott and Kotten Kandy put up almost 100 nativities...
only about 100 more to go.
I love these girls!
Also...  Lollipop got to "do the wishbone" with Key Lime Pie.  She won!  Her wish will come true!  She'd never pulled a wishbone before.


  1. Lollipop, I am sooooo sorry. Honestly we did our best.
    Grand Mac

  2. How festive you all look! I'm ready to come now. Are you ready for us?!
    You wouldn't believe what Grandpa did... So yesterday he said he had to run errands, and he was gone for a long time. When he came home, though, he had a little gold, foil tree with him. I know you remember our first tree - just like this one except the first was silver and this one is gold.
    Because we aren't decorating this year, our tree has it's very special place in front of the fireplace - where it catches the colors of the sparkling fire. We've come full circle, and all is well. Love you, Mom/Mil

  3. Yeah for Christmas Time! :) You guys have done a great job! ;)