Sunday, November 15, 2015


It has really been a fun weekend.  And unfortunately, my camera wasn't working so well....
Friday started with a homeschool temple trip and activity for the teenagers.  The temple is ALWAYS wonderful!  And my daughters LOVE attending!
After the baptisms, we came home for the activity.  Amy taught an amazing class about journal writing.  She was truly inspiring.  After the short mini-lesson, we decorated journal jars.  I had made a LOT of journal prompts for the kids to cut up and put into jars.  Scott donated jars from work that were un-sellable for the kids to decorate.  The teens really seemed to enjoy the project and each one looked so awesome.  (Here is where I would have loved to have taken a picture - but once again, I don't have one right now and my phone was acting up.)  You'll have to imagine how cute they were.
Friday night, Scott took all three daughters and Asparagus to the movies.  (Actually, Key Lime Pie took them since she can get them in for free.)  They went to see the new James Bond movie.  I wasn't interested in seeing it so I stayed home.  But they had a great time.  Lollipop was a bit annoyed by the planes in the movie.  Apparently it is IMPOSSIBLE to fly a plane without wings.  And the hydraulics were all wrong.  She makes me laugh!  I never would have even thought about the possibility of the planes movements, etc.  
Saturday was a TOTAL BLAST!  The girls decided they needed a new experience so they met Asparagus and other homeschool faves to play paintball in Elizabethtown.  They had a blast shooting one another.  Crazy kids!  We were there for over 3 hours and they came home exhausted, but truly happy!  While they were out in the field doing there thing, I got to visit with Teressa Pina.  She's an amazing lady and good friend!  I'm blessed with some great friends and I'm proud to call her one of mine!
When we got home, we all got ready to go our separate ways.  Stake Conference was last night and so Key Lime Pie was babysitting for the Clarys, Kotten Kandy babysat for the Bettenhausens, Lollipop stayed home to do school work, and Scott and I went to conference.  Our traditional dinner afterwards at Chuys with the Bettenhausens we even more fun this year.  We invited two more couples.  And it was great!  We LOVE the Schmids and the Pinas.  I wish I had taken a selfie then too....  I'd love for my family to "meet"/see our great friends!  And of course dinner was amazing!
What a fun, busy weekend.  I really need to sleep now.  But instead I am going to write some more poetry.  It's still November so it's still NaNoWriMo.  And I'm a couple of poems behind.....


  1. Love your family and the fun you all have :)
    Paint balling looks like a BLAST!!!

  2. I don't understand how you have time for blogs with all the playing that you do. Or should I say I don't understand how you have time for playing with all the blogging you do! It all looks great though, and we enjoy sharing your fun times with you. :) Love YOU, Gma Mil