Sunday, November 8, 2015


November is NUTS around here.  Why?  NaNoWriMo
Yup, every eleventh month, we write and write and write.  It's tradition!  And it's tradition to start it off with a grand kick-off!  We stay up late.  We drink lots of caffeine and eat lots of junk food.  We write a lot.  We laugh a lot.  And we make wonderful memories.
Yes, I'm writing old school.
I'm also being a rebel - I'm NOT writing a novel.
I'm writing 60 poems.  I'm having a blast doing it.
Poetry is definitely more my style than novel writing.
Amy is writing a novel.  She's a machine!
She always "wins" - which means she always writes 50,000 words+!
She's amazing and an inspiration!
Key Lime Pie's goal is to write every day!  And she's keeping up with it too!
She is writing short stories about some of her favorite songs.
She bought herself a new laptop for the occasion (and also to use next year for Pathway).
This girl is on FIRE!
She's determined to finish her Sci-Fi novel this year.
And I'm sure she'll do it.
She is a natural born author.
She'll be published someday!  I know it!
I'm hoping she'll write best sellers so she can support her father and me.
Yesterday I got to go to a painting party.  It was loads of fun.  I really enjoy learning new things.  And I loved the women who were there too.  I love the Tim Burton style paintings we made.  Here's mine:
Yesterday was also "Light Up Shelbyville" to kick off the holiday season.  Kotten Kandy and Lollipop went with Marmalade and Nuts.  They loved it.  I think they especially liked the funnel cake.
Happy writing!


  1. Im glad you enjoyed the painting party and liked your painting I like to try new things too, enjoyed having you here, wouldn't have been the same without you a part of it!! :)

  2. Wow, who is that beautiful woman in the first picture? Her husband sure is lucky. She is talented as well. She is quite the catch.

  3. As I looked at your pics and read about your week, I also quickly read the comments. Scott, you are priceless. Do you know how lucky we are to have you as part of our family? I do! Mom/Mil