Friday, January 1, 2016


This is how we feel about the people we welcomed in the new year with last night!  We TRULY love the Bettenhausens, Schmids and Thorntons!  And we are so blessed that they are part of our lives!  We played games, ate lots of fun food, and visited with these amazing people!  And we concluded the evening with our traditional predictions for the new year and review of predictions from last year.  I decided to start a new tradition this year...  I took a photo of everyone with their resolutions, so they can be "accountable" for their new year's goals!  Here are the pics (in age order.):
Mike:  Be Present - Control my destiny - Get out of debt - Show my family love every day
Me:  Write in my journal 3xs/week
Scott:  Loose 25 lbs.
Mark:  Do 1 integral problem for fun!
(Isn't that an oxymoron? fun and integral problem together?)
Amy:  Run a 5K - Finish book - Organize 
Sheila:  Become debt free - Loose 5 lbs.  (She doesn't need too!) - Participate in 3 craft fairs
Chris:  "I will win!"  (Not sure what that means...)
Hammond:  "Awesomeness" (OK?!)
Key Lime Pie:  Like mother, like daughter.  She wants to write in her journal also!
Reeces:  Always be happy!  (And she is VERY happy now that she is living with the Schmids!)
Lollipop:  Stop being lazy (and maybe get up earlier) 
Asparagus:  Have better handwriting....
Kotten Kandy:  Write (finish my novel(rough draft))
Juice:  Quit antagonizing his brother.
Ring Pop:  Go to the temple... (Yup, she turns 12 this year!  I've BEGGED her not to grow up!)
Nuts:  Buy a new 3dsxl (video game thingy)
Marmalade:  Her goal is to practice the piano more!  (Yea!!!!  She'll be a virtuoso in no time!)
Apple Pie:  "Stop touching hot potatoes!"  (What?!  I love this kid!)
Jelly Bean fell asleep....

I love these crazy people!  Here are some other random snapshots of our New Year celebration:
Boys playing RAGE
Marmalade and Ring Pop painting their nails....
Scott is trying to tempt Raisin...
But she resists.
Jelly Bean is soooooooo darn cute!
Kotten Kandy modeling Amy's wedding dress...
Lollipop get a turn at loving on Raisin
And Key Lime Pie also gets some giggles in....
Boys will be boys!
Chris and Scott are two of a kind....
Chris and Scott even infiltrated the "kid" photo!
Happy New Year!


  1. Feels like we got more than a peek into many lives. :)
    Your New Year has been brought in with smiles!
    Love YOU, Mom