Thursday, January 21, 2016


Can you feel the cold?
It is a winter wonderland here in Kentucky.  It has been fun having my three daughters home to survive the cold with me.  The first day of unplanned "vacation", the girls decided to get some school work done and stay warm inside their blankets.
Day 2 of the snow days, we ventured over to the Bettenhausens' home to do crafts, yoga, play games, eat Taco Bell and music lessons.  It was a fun day.  Check it out:
Our project was creating stained glass effects with tissue paper....
None of us had done the project before and
we learned that the darker the tissue paper, the better the project...
Oh well.  It was still really fun to create....
Key Lime Pie loved the greens and blues....
But her project bled a lot.
Lollipop created a wing in purples and pinks.
It was beautiful and artistic!
Kotten Kandy was trying to create a forest.
Once the tissue paper came off it looked more like an ocean.
But it was still beautiful!
This was Jelly Bean's first time to craft with us... and he loved it!
He especially loved tearing the tissue paper into small pieces and covering EVERY blank spot.
I was soooo excited that he enjoyed crafting so much!
We all did yoga afterwards... for exercise.
Amy and I did NOT want to be in the picture.
But these three girls and Apple Pie are sure good at doing the "Warrior" pose.
Here's one more shot of the finished projects - with a photo-bomber in the background.
I love our little Raisin!
A few days before the Snow Days we had a fun game night,....  Even though the weather was FREEZING... Mark offered rides on his motorcycle.  The only person crazy enough to do it was Lollipop.  She LOVED it!  It was really fun to see her so excited about the ride.
The Helmet!
Although it was dark outside we still got a picture with the bike!
I also forgot to post a picture at Christmas time of Scott with one of his favorite gifts from my sister, G.J.  He loves his t-shirt:
Although our Snow Days have been warm and happy (inside)... I'm TIRED of the snow and cold.  Unfortunately, we are expecting a blizzard later this morning.  I guess we'll have to deal with more freezing temperatures and winter conditions.  I think I want to turn into a bear and hibernate until Spring.  Stay warm, all my blog friends!


  1. Lollipop must take after her Aunt GJ - Heck yeah I'd have been on the motorcycle in a heart beat! How fun is that - yeah for you for braving the cold Lollipop! As for Scotts new shirt - LOVE IT!!! ;)

  2. I love Scott's new shirt too! Is that an Einstein rendition?Crafts, Yoga and Bikes - WooHoo!!! Just talked with you, and today is 'Stealing America' with D.D. You guys are going to finish first if these snow days keep coming... :) Mom/Mil