Thursday, January 14, 2016


Yup.  It's winter.  But that's not why I titled the post winter.  It's actually a multi-purposed title:  I want to update you on our winter thus far.  AND I want to write a review about a book I JUST finished last night called Winter.
Winter is my least favorite season.  I don't like being cold.  That being said, we've had a VERY nice winter so far.  It's been relatively warm.  But we did get snow on Sunday.  (I didn't like that.)  But it has already melted - pretty much, and we are back to nice, spring-like temperatures.
Since January 1st, we have gotten back into our school routines.  Key Lime Pie and Kotten Kandy are busy studying science, math, music, reading, literature, aerobics and history.  Lollipop is back at public school, and she recently joined the Lacrosse Team.  She is sore during the workouts, but seems happy to be participating in the sport.  All three girls are also on the young women's basketball team for Church.
We are also all keeping up with current events.  The recent problems in Germany have been really concerning for all of us; our thoughts and prayers are with those in Germany and elsewhere in the world where terrorists and radical refugees are causing panic and harm.  We are definitely living in an exciting and scary time.  We are also reading Dinesh D'Souza's newest book, "Stealing America," as a family.  So far it is making us mad and more aware of how corrupt governments can be.  I'll write a review later....
Speaking of book reviews.  "Winter" by Marissa Meyer was a lot of fun to read.  I've written about this author before because this is the final book in the Lunar series.  This series is a fun read.  I enjoy how it combines fairy tales with science fiction.  I like how it combines different fairy tales into one giant story.  I liked the humor, action and even the romantic trysts.  And I love that there is no sex or bad language throughout the series.  These books are not deep, but lots of fun.  And I'm glad I read them.
I don't want to give away any of the plot so I'll just say that this book focused on Winter (aka. Snow White).  Don't worry...  Cinder (Cinderella), Scarlet (Little Red Riding Hood), and Cress (Rapunzel) are still very much in the story too.  There is a satisfying ending.  And I felt the series ended on a high note.  If you are in the mood for a fun, cheesy and fast read, these books are for you.  But start with "Cinder."  Read them in order.


  1. Snow is starting to melt here. We've had it on the ground since Christmas. I don't mind snow before Christmas, but after? Heck No! ;)

  2. For all concerned DeGooyers: I commented on your very latest post before reading this one. "Science, math, music..." sounds most familiar. And before you think me awful, let me tell you that I was nearly 100% positive these others were being included. I just like to give you a hard time. :) Mil