Friday, March 25, 2016


Scott and I got to go to one of Lollipop's lacrosse games this past Wednesday.  She is loving it!  And we loved watching her play!  All 4 of these cute girls hold a special place in my heart!
Apple Jacks, Razzlers, Lollipop and Icee
Lollipop is the 4th one from the left...
She was a terrific hustler.
#21 = Icee
She was cheering from the sidelines when snapped this picture....
She also played well.
Lollipop is on the right ready for the ball.
Pineapple is on sale again this week.  It's $.99 a piece.  So naturally I'm drying as much of it as I can. I've already dried 10 pineapples.  I'm on the next 10 and tomorrow I plan on doing the final 10.... What has made it really fun this time around is this AWESOME new tool I found on accident.  It makes cutting take a LOT less time.  What used to take me two hours now takes me about 40 minutes.  Check out this pineapple cutting tool:
And since I'm talking about gadgets, I decided to show my other favorite kitchen tool - my Vidalia Chop Wizard.  My mom and sister recommended this item to me...  And I love it!  I actually own two of them now!  It makes cutting up vegetables a breeze.  My pico de gallo is AWESOME because of it!  Check it out:
Tonight we had a teen party at our house.  The kids were awesome!  And I think they had a blast.  My daughters had fun!  They loved everyone who came.  The highlights of the party = smoothies by Scott and the pool table!  I love these teenagers!
The WHOLE crew!
Crazy, wonderful teenagers!
Playing Pool:
Random Shots:
(This girl thinks I take TOO many pictures - so naturally I took hers as she left!)
After the party, my daughters snuggled up with their dad!
These three are some of my favorite people in the whole, wide world!  I'm blessed!


  1. Love it - looks like you all had so much fun :) Totally Cool-Beans!

  2. OK, so when I read it the first time, it looked like this:
    "pineapple is 5.99 a piece". It wasn't until the third read through that I realized you'd written $.99. I was going to say, Sundy! But now I'm saying, Mil!!! And your pineapple gadget is what I want for my birthday - pretty please?!
    I gave you the Vidalia Chop Wizard...
    I don't even know how lacrosse is played, Louisa. Wish I could watch a game...
    And the party was a hit, you said! At your house, could it be anything else? :)
    Love YOU, Mom/Mil