Friday, March 18, 2016


Dinner tonight = Nachos.  When we were finished, Scott, Kotten Kandy and I created "Nacho Art."  Kotten Kandy and her dad waxed poetic: they saw phoenixes, fire breathing dragons, balloons and team logos in their "art."  They insisted that I take a picture to show the world their left over talent.  Maybe we'll start a new fad?!  Behold, Nacho Art!
Last year my daughters bought me two fruit trees for Mother's Day.  They are blooming!  My peach tree looks especially pretty:
I went to take pictures at a school last week and I saw this bulletin board:
I LOVE it!  I love movies!  And I love books!  So I think a Readbox is "perfect!"
I love my purple flowering tree in the backyard.  Yea, for spring!  Check it out:
Last Sunday we decided to go on a family walk.  Kotten Kandy thought she would ride her roller-blades.  She used her sister to slow herself down on the hill.  I thought this was the perfect picture of my daughters relying on each other for strength, support and love!  Isn't that what it's all about?


  1. I Love Spring! I Love Your Girls! I Love You!

  2. The Nacho Art was the BEST! I would so try it if I ever ate Nachos. lol

  3. I already commented on this one. Where did my comment go? I don't trust computers. I'm pretty sure they are out to get me...
    I said I like the "Read Box". That teacher saw a great opportunity. I also said, the skating sister is lucky to be able to lean on someone trust worthy-ish...
    Let's see if this one goes! Love YOU all, Mil