Monday, June 6, 2016


Key Lime Pie, Marmalade and Kotten Kandy
Saturday we got to see a live performance of The Phantom of the Opera.  It was amazing!  The talent was incredible!  The costumes were fun!  And the sets were awe-inspiring!  I've seen the show live 4 times - and this time did NOT disappoint. The rest of the "gang" had never seen the show live.  They loved it too!
I've also been reading a lot!  Here are two GREAT recommendations:
Trina Fielding recommended "Life is Good" by Bert and John Jacobs.  I read it.  I loved it.  I ordered my own copy.  (I borrowed Trina's originally.)  This is a quick and easy read with a simple, yet powerful message:  The importance of optimism!  The book is organized by Optimistic "Superpowers."  There are 10 of them:  Openness, Courage, Simplicity, Humor, Gratitude, Fun, Compassion, Creativity, Authenticity and Love.  There are inspiring stories throughout each superpower along with fun artwork and playlists.  (I loved the playlists - and have already started collecting my own playlists to keep me optimistic!)  There are also action steps that help you to use the superpowers.  None of the action steps were world-shattering advice, but they are great reminders of how to be happy.  And sometimes it's good to have a reminder.  This book definitely energized and encouraged me.  I would recommend getting your own copy of this book so you can mark and underline....  It's fabulous!  Thanks, Trina!
Fifteen years ago I read "The 5 Love Languages of Children" by Gary Chapman.  I FINALLY got around to reading the original "The 5 Love Languages" this week.  It's amazing!  I'm a HUGE believer that love is spoken in different ways to different people.  I've used the principles in this book throughout my life in all my relationships.  But it was fun to refocus it again and reaffirm how much speaking the different love languages and the different dialects works!  For those of you who aren't aware of the 5 love languages, here they are:
 - Words of Affirmation:
    If this is your love language, you feel most cared for when your partner is open
    and expressive in telling you how wonderful they think you are,
    how much they appreciate you, etc.
 - Acts of Service:
    If your partner offering to watch the kids so you can do something else gets your
    heart going, then this is your love language.
 - Affection:
    A warm hug, a kiss, a touch makes you feel most loved when this is your love language.
 - Quality Time:
    This love language is about being together, fully present and engaged in the activity
    at hand, no matter how trivial.
 - Gifts:
    Giving and receiving gifts (big or small) makes this person feel appreciated and loved.
I definitely recommend this read too!


  1. I've seen Phantom once and enjoyed it :) The books sound good - I'll have to add them to my ever growing stack of books to read... ;)

  2. Like I just wrote to Katia...remember the nose-bleed seats?!
    Glad you got to see it, but I know I'd not have been able to stand for the whole play...
    I could have written what you did on the Five Love Languages. It has been helpful through the years, hasn't it?
    When I was teaching, I was especially aware of the differences in kids - and how I could show them I care...
    Love ya, Mom