Tuesday, June 14, 2016


17 Candles
Sometimes, in life, we take things for granted.  I will no longer take birthday candles for granted....
We celebrated Lollipop's 17 birthday last night.  It was a small celebration but we had cake, games and presents!  Lollipop's actual birthday was last week while she was in California.  But we didn't let that stop us from celebrating when she came "home" to us.  She loved the lemon cake (her choice) and the presents.  But I think she was most excited about the candles.  She had never had birthday candles before!  It was fun to sing to her and celebrate her!  We sure love our German daughter!  And we will REALLY miss her when she goes back to Germany tomorrow....
Opening Gifts.
Scott and I made her a book of her time here in America.
Bracelets and perfume from her sisters.
The Bettenhausens got her a picture book of her favorite state.
We love Lollipop!


  1. Hope you come back to this before Louisa leaves to share our comment. Louisa, Happy 17!!! We were so blessed to share time with you over last Christmas - and during your trip to Colorado. We wish you all kinds of good things as you return to Germany. Keep in touch. Love, Gma Mil

  2. So glad you loved Colorado! We will miss Louisa. Wishing her the best in her future.