Saturday, June 11, 2016


Key Lime Pie
My baby graduated high-school last night.  And by high-school, I mean homeschool/high-school.  And homeschoolers are weird by definition - so we through marshmallows at her while she walked to "Pomp and Circumstance."
This picture may be blurry - but I love the flying marshmallows!!!
Key Lime Pie is a good sport!
Delicious spread....
Key Lime Pie is a beautiful, young lady!  Everyone loves her!  She is happy, fun, and the life of the party!  We are blessed that she is part of our family.  She brings laughter to our home and a shares her strong testimony of the gospel with all of us and everyone she meets.  She is optimistic about life and shares smiles with all of us.  In August she is going to college - and her father and I will really miss her!  She has a bright future in front of her.  We are excited about her new adventures!  I really love this girl!
She did it!


  1. Congrats Kiara! I am happy for her, but I will miss her too.

  2. Congratulations my dear niece! So excited for you to come to Colorado :) Yippee!

  3. Your celebration looks just like I imagined it - way fun! Wish we could have been there too. Kiara Lea, do you have your bags packed? The time is really getting short - especially with all you have planned to do between now and then... Love, Mom/Mil