Thursday, June 16, 2016


Wednesday was a hard day.  We said goodbye to Lollipop.  She has truly become another daughter to us and we will REALLY miss her.  After saying goodbye at the airport, we all cried.  Last night we kept talking about how much we missed her and what we missed.  Germany and her parents are sooooo lucky to be getting her back.
We cried other tears last night when I gave myself 2nd degree burns all over my left hand.  I was in tons of pain.  We went to urgent care.  I'll be OK.  But I'll be in pain for a few days.  I'm going to a Burn Center this morning to follow up.  Life is never boring.


  1. So sorry about the burn - you are in our prayers! Where is the picture without the bandage? I wanted to see it...

  2. I'm thinking you're thinking you could use some boredom, right? Wish I were in a place to give you a little TLC...