Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I forgot to blog about Easter! Oops.

I truly love the Easter holiday! I enjoy the Spring-time feeling in the air.
I love the chocolate.
I relish creating Easter surprises for my daughters and handsome husband. (The Easter Bunny always comes on Saturday for us so we can focus on what's most important on Sunday.) Key Lime Pie and Kotten Kandy LOVED their Hunger Game posters... and Scott got 200 Easter eggs with a note of why I love him in each.....

I adore the dresses! Key Lime Pie made her dress yellow and Kotten Kandy chose pink. They are very talented. I even sewed my FIRST thing - a skirt! :-)

But at Easter I am mostly grateful for my Savior's sacrifice. I am indebted to Him for his love and devotion. I am thankful for this holiday to focus on what is most important - Jesus Christ's atonement and resurrection!

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  1. Pink, yellow and blue = Springtime in Kentucky!
    You are definitely in the lead with spring blooms. But our lilac bush is bloomin' purple!
    Miss ya'all! Mil