Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Today was Edible Science! It was really fun!
First we put colors in milk and "magically" swirled the colors using dish washing soap. It was BEAUTIFUL!
Kotten Kandy learned that just because something IS edible doesn't mean it tastes good. Oobleck is made from cornstarch and water. She didn't like the taste. I wonder why?
Oobleck is truly amazing. Sometimes it's a liquid and sometimes it's a solid. Key Lime Pie loves playing in the unusual substance.
Kotten Kandy and Marmalade shook their concoction of milk, sugar, cream and vanilla.Key Lime Pie and her violin student also made ice-cream by tossing the mixture back and forth.
Edible science is really yummy!

And here are some pics from Monday's crystal activities:


  1. These sound fun! I have wondered about oobleck- heard of it a few times. And that "ice cream" sound yummy! :)

  2. Bet you guys wish you could do 'science' every day, huh??? It could also be called art...or just plain fun too! At a McKid's birthday party it was even called "party games". :) Mil