Thursday, April 26, 2012


I have a weird confession to make:  I blog incessantly in my head.  Sometimes I wish my brain were plugged in to a word processor so I could keep track of all the posts and articles that I write in my head.  (Of course, most of my head compositions are spectacular and masterpieces.... and of course, they are "written" while sleep deprived and TRYING to drift off to sleep....)

Our baby birds are growing daily.  It has been fun to watch these miniature robins grow.  Our dog loves barking at them. We love listening to them chirp.  They have feathers now and sleep often.

These unusual flowers are blooming outside my front door.  They are so beautiful and almost look fake.  I LOVE them!

I love The Piano Guys!  If you get a chance check them out on You Tube.  I even have a Piano Guys radio station on Pandora Radio.  The Piano Guys help soothe crying babies and even keep my big girls entertained!  They really do a lot of good with their talents!  Here is their newest piece:


  1. You are like me. I always think in 'blog posts!' :)

    Love the piano guys, I'm off to listen to this one.

  2. "Some people say I think too much.
    Some people say I don't think enough."
    Paul Simon

    (I think in lyrics.)

  3. Your are not randomly thinking enough. Get on the stick!