Saturday, December 21, 2013


Thursday night was our Christmas celebration with our "Kentucky Family!"  The Kentucky family consists of The Bettenhausen clan, the Thornton boys and Us!  It was soooo much fun to be with people we love and can be ourselves around.
The night actually began with a bit of a downer.  Hammond was hit by a deer as he was driving over to the Bettenhausens.  His car is totaled.  :-(  But Hammond is fine!  :-)  After a quick call to the insurance, we began our festivities.
We ate a DELICIOUS meal (made by Amy) of ham, potatoes, salad and rolls.
Then we opened gifts.  I was the most excited about the cross stitches I had made for each of Amy's children.  I worked really hard on them.  And they seemed to really like them.
Juice loves science.  So I knew he'd love a "space" themed cross stitch.  I designed it myself.
Nut is super athletic and loves running around with balls, swords or anything.  So the soccer boy was perfect for him!
Marmalade loves pink, purple and BUGS!  She was precious about her gift!
Apple Pie wouldn't smile for anyone this evening.  But he loves to play swords and always gets "boo boos" from it.  I loved stitching this renaissance warrior for him.  He actually loved his cross stitch and later put it up where "EVERYONE can see the best one!"
Jelly Bean opened his package with a little help from his mom.  He's such a sweet baby!  I'm glad my friend lets me claim him as mine sometimes!  :-)
The funniest gift of the evening went to Key Lime Pie from the Bettenhausens.  Here is her expression as she discovered what the poster said:
And here is the poster:
"What Does the Fox Say?!"
Kotten Kandy loved her gift too.  It was perfect for her:
The girls made Amy a holiday bunny.  The ears are interchangeable and change for each holiday!  She loved it!
A few days earlier, Key Lime Pie, Kotten Kandy and I helped the Bettenhausen make Christmas gifts for their parents.   They turned out great!:
Juice made cook-up pillows.  He was sooo funny when he found out he was going to have to use the sewing machine.  At first he was disgusted and said, "That's a girl thing."  Then he enjoyed learning so much he made two!  Those cook-up pillows are WONDERFUL!
Nuts made coasters out of perler beads for his family.  No more laying drinks on books or other items to avoid water spots.
Marmalade decorated pillow cases.  It's hard to see, but they both say "I love you Mom"  and "I love you Dad" complete with a frog and a tiger.
Apple Pie was perhaps the cutest "crafter" when we made the gifts.  He made chocolate chip cookie mixes with Key Lime Pie's help.  After every layer he would excitedly ask me to come see!
Finally the Thornton boys got the girls a game called Quelf.
We played Quelf after opening gifts.  It was a SUPER FUN game!  We laughed and laughed.  The best cards were singing holiday songs (which lasted a good 20 minutes and made for a happy and funny music time) and when Hammond had to pick his nose while throwing the dice and yodeling!  Here's the black-mail photo:
I can't post the gift we made for the boys and the Bettenhausens yet.... as some people who read this blog will be receiving the same thing.....  But here's a great photo of Chris since I didn't get one of him with other things...:


  1. Looks like a fun evening! I love chosen family :)

  2. The time with your friends looks fun! Seems to me that Sundy Lea was behind most of the giving - that's what makes Christmas special, isn't it?! Mil :)