Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Young Women in Excellence was WONDERFUL!  Our YW leaders did a beautiful job.
Kotten Kandy, Muffin and Key Lime Pie sang "Oh My Father" in three parts.  It was GORGEOUS!  They are such talented young ladies.  And their voices blend so beautifully....
Key Lime Pie displayed her art work.  She really loves drawing buildings and architecture.  She wants to start learning some beginning design from her father.  I was surprised how much she enjoyed our art class this semester.  She also learned how to draw people and perspective.  She really is quite talented.
Kotten Kandy displayed her knowledge project that was based on her bee keeping.  She has loved learning how to take care of bees.  And she's a natural.  She is excited to continue this new found "talent" (despite being stung a few times.)


  1. Key Lime Pie - I had no idea you were an artist. I'm impressed with the pictures you have drawn. I like the barn looking structure the best ;-) I'll build that one - Tx ;0)
    Kotten Kandy - My Little Bee Charmer - You are only a true bee keeper after you have gotten stung and continued to work with the bees you know. So you are officially a full fledged Bee Keeper now. Way to stick with it!
    I love my sweet, good and dedicated nieces!

  2. I know I'm not supposed to be "proud", but .... I have these granddaughters in KY who draw and work with bees, and who look awfully cute in red and black, and who have the cutest smiles, and...
    More than that, though, they are actively trying to do what is right and good in this world. Super examples to us all! Mil