Thursday, December 26, 2013


Our traditional Christmas Eve feast and evening was wonderful!  There was way too much food, but it was delicious!  And we LOVE leftovers.
Our traditional Christmas jammies matched this year!  Even Scott and I got matching P.J.s!  It was fun!
We love opening our stockings before eating homemade sweet rolls....
This is our third year of a "homemade" Christmas.  Instead of store-bought items we made everything we gave each other (for the most part).  Check it out:
Key Lime Pie and Kotten Kandy quilted this wall hanging for us with a lot of help from their quilting teacher, Joyce!  Isn't it gorgeous?!  There are pin-wheels throughout in honor of the DeGooyer Dutch heritage....
Key Lime Pie made these "obsession" buckets for herself and her sister.  They came complete with posters of Hunger Games characters as well as Avenger heroes.
Kotten Kandy loved her new sweat shirt (sporting her Hunger Games character)
and mocking jay pin from her sister....
Kotten Kandy made this beautiful Swedish weave blanket for her sister....
Yes, the girls made Dr. Pepper jelly for their father.
The did it completely on their own.  And it's delicious....
I love my  new vests and holiday bunny.  The ears are interchangeable for the different holidays.
These blankets were NOT homemade... but the girls couldn't resist getting them for each other.  They did what my sister and I used to do.  They "acted" surprised that they got each other a blanket that they wanted, even though they were together when they were purchased.  Silly girls.
This were the most exciting gift...  My daughters and I are going to BYU Education Week this summer!
There is still one gift that I am not showing... because we are giving it to my family in two weeks...  Stay tuned for the gift Scott and I have been creating.  :-)
We had a fabulous Christmas!  After a quiet morning of gifts, we went to the movies.  We saw Frozen.  It was fantastic!  All of us loved it (and we bought the soundtrack today) because it is so wonderful!  It is one of Disney's best films ever.  We especially loved the sister aspect of the film.  I can't recommend this movie enough.
After Frozen, we spent the evening with our good friends, the Melansons, and their family.  The company was GREAT and the food was DELICIOUS!  We are truly blessed.
Merry Christmas to all!  And a Happy New Year!

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  1. You mean I'm the first commenter? (I know, no such words...) But I'm first anyway!
    Your Christmas day looks like a really happy one - from food - to homemade gifts - to jammies - to Frozen. Made me remember our Christmases with the DeGooyers - some of our favorite memories. Miss you all, and love you too. Mom/Mil