Monday, December 23, 2013


My daughters have been working really hard.  In the past three weeks they have made 8 skirts and 10 ties (with the help of great friend and mentor, Jan Melanson).  On Sunday we wore our skirts and Scott sported his matching tie.  I thought we looked awesome (if I say so myself!)  Not only did the girls make these stunning outfits, but they also contributed greatly to our ward sacrament meeting.  They sang in the choir, with the young women, and Kotten Kandy sang "I Wonder As I Wander".  (Her voice is gorgeous and really helped bring the song's message, about our Savior and His love for each of us, hit home.)  Key Lime Pie was supposed to play her violin - but accidentally left it at home.  She'll be playing it next week.
The Girls
Daddy's Girls
18 Years... and Still in Love!  :-)
The Captain!
Brightness (My nickname from my husband)
Key Lime Pie - Isn't she Gorgeous?
Kotten Kandy - Isn't she Stunning?
I am really proud of my amazing daughters!


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  2. Your daughters are amazing! You all look so gorgeous and handsome! Girls, what an important talent to are developing - you have done a fabulous job!!!

  3. So the skirts are red - or burgundy? They also look shiny? What kind of fabric are they? Kiara and Katia, you have long ago passed me up!!! I'm proud of you. :)
    Scott, your tie is most becoming!
    Mama Mil