Friday, April 24, 2015


Why did my oldest daughter have to grow up so fast?  She went to Prom this evening with two girl friends: Muffin and Starburst.  They all looked lovely!  Here are my favorite pictures.  (Be glad that I didn't post all 112 pictures!)
These women are KILLING the competition!
Starburst, Muffin and Key Lime Pie
Here's Key Lime Pie - all grown up!
I LOVE their hair-dos!
Kotten Kandy did her sister's hair.
Mom is MEGGA impressed!
I have NO talent in that area!
Where did Kotten Kandy learn to do it?
Apparently Key Lime Pie needs more practice!  :-)
Please stop being so photo-genic!
I LOVE this girl!
Strong, beautiful, moral women!
She's gorgeous!
Muffin, Starburst and Key Lime Pie
Rockin' it!
Having fun...
and they haven't even done anything but take pictures!
Showing a BIT of leg!
Scandalous!  Can you tell whose shoe is whose?
A real smile!  All I had to do was say "Twizzlers!"
This mom is excited for her daughter, but also a bit mournful that she's growing up so fast.  She is a wonderful, young lady.  I love her happy personality.  And she's not only stunningly beautiful, she's also spiritual to boot!  I'm blessed!


  1. They are beautiful - and the one in the purple - Gorgeous!!! I must say I'm partial to purple!!! ;0)

  2. Loverly! My favorite pictures are: the second one is my very favorite, the one in the car where all are smiling, and the last one by the garden. Very nice, and hope you had fun. Tonight should be even more fun, right?! I'm not sure your mom can handle this much excitement two nights in a row. :) Grandma Mil