Saturday, April 25, 2015


Key Lime Pie went to Mormon Prom tonight with a couple of GREAT friends!  But first Key Lime Pie's awesome YW Advisor, Sister Clary did her hair.  Isn't it amazing?
Sister Clary and Key Lime Pie
Key Lime Pie had never pinned a boutineer before... She was so nervous.
This was the exciting moment after she successfully completed the task.
Look at this beautiful corsage.  Her first one ever!
Here she is:  Key Lime Pie and Spaghetti!
And of course they doubled with a crazy couple also:
Jolly Rancher and Muffin
We had to get a couple of "normal" pictures!
Great "normal" pic!
Here's how they really are!
Being arrested?
Marmalade really looks up to these two beautiful young women!
And someday she'll go to Mormon Prom too!
Both girls had their hair done by Becca Clary!
Key Lime Pie is REALLY going to miss her friend
when she moves in a few months to another state....
These silly boys didn't want to be left out of the pictures....
Jolly Rancher, Muffin, Key Lime Pie and Spaghetti
They are GREAT, GOOD, MORAL, FUN kids!
They are bound to have a GREAT, GOOD, MORAL, FUN time!
I like 'em all!  (Of course, the one in the purple is a particular favorite of mine!)


  1. The photographer did a great job! The hair stylist did a great job! And Kiara did a great job too! I'm guessing they'll have a blast tonight. Will Mom be waiting up for her? Stupid question. I know the answer to that one already... :)
    Love You, Mom/Grandma Mil