Thursday, February 18, 2016


We have had so much fun the last two weeks.  Even with the cold weather... we have gone sledding, hung out with friends, played basketball, attended a musical and read lots of good books.
Friday, after attending the temple for the first time with Rice Krispie Treat, we let the teens get together for some bonding and fun.  They laughed and played a game.  It was great to see these awesome kids having clean fun and visiting together!  All three of my girls had a GREAT time!  I really do love each and everyone of these kids!!!!!!  Not all teenagers are the stereotype...  These kids really are good kids!
Playing Imagine If....
Are you game?!
Getting their game on!

The Young Women's Basketball season has begun.  The girls like playing.  And they are doing well this year - again.  Here are a few pics from last week's game....  (Yes, they won.)
Basketball doesn't build character, it reveals it!
This girl is aggressive yet laughs a lot!
"Get your head in the game!"
and tie your shoe!
Coach Lori is AWESOME! 
And these girls are WONDERFUL!
It snowed and snowed and snowed on Valentine's Day.  And the fresh powder was perfect for sledding on Monday.  Key Lime Pie and Kotten Kandy went sledding with the Thornton boys, the Bettenhausen kids and Scott.  I was so glad that Scott took some pictures:
Key Lime Pie is ready for an outdoor adventure....
Kotten Kandy is ready for fun!
Nuts and Apple Pie heading up the hill...
Jelly Bean went down the hill with Scott - 
He then turned around wide eyed and exclaimed, "That was AWESOME!"
Key Lime Pie going back for more....
Kotten Kandy didn't hold back....
Tuesday night, Lollipop, Kotten Kandy and I went to see Showboat.  It was AWESOME!  Joe was my favorite character!  Man, that guy could sing!  He blew me away.  I also loved the costumes.  The play spans three decades so was fun to see the clothing change from bustles and long skirts to knee-length dresses.  It was really well done!  Good job, Kentucky Opera Company!!!!
I enjoyed reading Tess Gerritsen's "Playing with Fire."  It was not at all what I had expected.  The book started out like a typical thriller.  Julia, a violinist, discovers a piece of music in an old book store in Rome.  Intrigued, she purchases the music and returns home to Boston.  The book revolves around two stories: Julia's story and the effect the music has on her family and the story of the composer; Lorenzo, a Jewish musician during the Holocaust.  I liked Lorenzo's story better than Julia's.... but the whole book was fun.  There are some creepy parts (it's a thriller) but their is NO foul language or inappropriate relationships.  And I really liked the ending.  It was "just right."  I would recommend this to people who don't mind being a little scared.  (So, I would NOT recommend it to my sister....  :-)  I will probably read some more Tess Gerritsen if they are as "clean" as this one....


  1. Always Fun times with the DeGooyers :)

  2. What a varied bunch of fun! I'd have liked being there for most everything - maybe especially Showboat and sledding. Maybe reading "Playing With Fire" TO GJ would be the answer?
    Is DeGooyer spelled FUN? Mil/Mom