Monday, February 8, 2016


My grandfather LOVED football... and especially LOVED the Broncos.  I'm sure he is smiling down from heaven right now for another Super Bowl Bronco Championship!  We were pretty excited too!  We rooted for them all night.  All of these sweet girls enjoyed the game (and the halftime show) the entire time!  I was fun to watch our young group of football fans, eat lots of delicious food and spend time with our AWESOME friends, the Fieldings and the Calls.  We are blessed!  Check it out:
Red Hot, Razzlers, Apple Jacks, Oatmeal Cookie, Lollipop, Key Lime Pie and Kotten Kandy
They seriously got into the game....
Watching in the suspense....
(But the biggest excitement for these girls was:  Cold Play!  They sang along and LOVED it!)
Scott and I enjoyed the game as well....
I'm soooo glad that my grandmother gave me the advice to learn to love football for my husband.
Now I really do enjoy watching the game and I understand most of it too!
Jump Shot!  The Broncos won!!!  YAHOO!
(Love watching the SuperBowl on the BIG screen!)
These cute girls celebrate!


  1. Yippee - Way to go Broncos!!!

  2. So glad to know you haven't lost your Colorado roots, and were rooting for the right team! Grandad will be proud of you.
    :) Mom/Mil