Monday, February 15, 2016


I love Valentine's Day!  I've always loved it.  I think it's great to have a day to celebrate love - whether it's romantic love, family love or friendship love....  I love my family and friends ALL year long, but I see nothing wrong with celebrating on February 14th!  So we did!  And we decided to celebrate BIG!  Here are some of my reasons for loving Valentine's Day:
#1  I love saying "I love you" with gifts...
We got the girls chocolate and rings this year....
#2  I love these girls!  I love their enthusiasm!  I love their goodness!
The rings matched their personalities....
I had so much fun picking them out.
Lollipop got an airplane ring - cuz she LOVES aviation!
Key Lime Pie got a music note ring - cuz she LOVES music!
And Kotten Kandy got a tree ring - cuz she LOVES nature (esp. trees!)
#3 I love making Valentine's Day special!
Amy and I decided fondue would be super fun for the over 14 crowd!
YUM!  We did it all - cheese fondue, oil fondue, chocolate fondue!
#4 I love celebrating with the people I love best!
#5 I love playing games with these guys after a delicious dinner
and to continue celebrating a fun holiday!
Amy was the Great Dalmutti!
And Mark decided to let everyone know he was continuing to "pass!"
We also watched a movie together!  Ant Man is a favorite!
#6 I love telling all of "my" kids that I love them on Valentine's Day...
with a little something extra!
This year it was "love bugs!"
Key Lime Pie and Marmalade
Kotten Kandy and Raisin
#7  These three people are the NUMBER ONE reason I LOVE Valentine's Day!
I LOVE this family of mine!!!!!