Friday, February 12, 2016


I LOVE reading.  And I've always felt that there are too many books left to read to go back and reread one.  (I have reread books, on occasion: usually to read aloud to my children or to remember a book I read WAY back [over 25 years ago] in high school.)  My stack of books to read is super high and I didn't think I should take time to read something I have already read.
My best friend and my daughter love to reread books.  They really delve into characters and plots and philosophy of the books.  I felt like I couldn't keep up.  They would reference a book that they've both enjoyed multiple times and I would vaguely remember the plot and the names of the characters.  I decided I needed to give this rereading thing a try.
But before I did, I researched the value of rereading books.  Here are a few reasons I found to reread books:
1.  It reminds me of the good ideas I found in the book the first time.  It's always good to refresh good ideas, especially as I get older because I am getting so forgetful.  I JUST read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone again.  I had forgotten some of the wisdom in that book that doesn't translate into the movies.
2.  It helps me notice the ideas that I didn't notice before.  I often get so caught up in the story that I miss things completely.  Rereading can help me find great things that I missed the first time.  My daughters are reading Frankenstein for school.  I read it years ago.  They started discussing that they thought Dr. Frankenstein might have had Aspergers.  I had completely forgotten is quirks and anti-social tendencies.  Perhaps he does.  I hadn't noticed the first time.
3.  It gives me a new perspective.  I love seeing a book with fresh eyes.  I remember in high school when I read The Lord of the Rings, Frodo was the hero.  I reread it 10 years ago and I decided Sam was actually the bigger role model.
And 4.  It helps me to apply ideas.  The book I have had no trouble rereading over and over again is the Book of Mormon.  Every time I reread this great book, I find things that change my life and I am able to apply it to my life.  This is probably the best reason to reread books.
Sooooo after I figured out why I should reread books, I decided to do it.  My youngest daughter and my friend's daughter had just finished rereading the Harry Potter series. They were having a good time discussing them.  I've often thought it would be fun to reread them so I started there.  Last night I just finished read the first book.  It was great - just like I remembered!  I recalled how "magical" this series is.  The characters are endearing.  The story is quick, full of twists and fun.  And I love how good values are woven throughout the story.  This book is engaging with its imagery, humor, plot twists and sincerity.  It appeals to adults and children.  J.K. Rowling is a master.
After rereading Harry Potter and enjoying it so much, I think I'll make a list of my all time favorite books and why they mean so much to me.  Perhaps I'll reread all of those books....  It's actually fun.  BUT first I'll read something new (because that's good too!)


  1. NICE! ;) I love your thoughts and ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sundy Lea, I picture you with a book in hand - or one very close by. If I let myself, that's what I would do too! The Lincoln Hypothesis is extra incredible. We borrowed the book from Ken to read, but Gary says we need to buy it. That tells you a lot. :) Love YOU, Mom