Monday, February 1, 2016


This weekend was kinda sad for all of us since we really missed our German daughter.  Lollipop had the opportunity to go to Ohio with a bunch of other foreign exchange students.  She had a great time.  But the rest of us really missed her.  It's amazing how much she has become a third daughter to us and a sister to our daughters.  We kept saying how much we missed her all day Saturday and Sunday.  But we have her home now, and we are glad!  We aren't sure how we will let her go home in 5 months.....  She is wonderful.  (Cindy, the coordinator for exchange students, understands our love of this beautiful, young woman.... She agrees that Lollipop is a "joy to have around!")
Her trip was a quick one.  She had a lot of fun with the other exchange students and got to do some sight seeing.  Here are a few pictures she sent me for the blog:
Ohio was beautiful....
Apricot and Lollipop in the Ohio State Capitol
Vanilla Ice Cream, Lollipop and Apricot
Vanilla Ice Cream and Lollipop smile for the camera...
I sure love my third daughter!
And ...  I'm super excited to share this book with y'all!  A few years ago I read Gretchen Rubin's book The Happiness Project.  I loved it.  And I guess I'm late to the game because apparently she wrote another book and I JUST now read it:  Better Than Before.  It is WONDERFUL!  I wish I knew Gretchen Rubin in person because she really "connects" with me and I would love to tell her how much I have enjoyed both of her books.
This book is about changing your life for the better by creating/forming good habits and stopping bad habits.  What I really liked about it was the fact that she gave multiple strategies to help create good habits.  She writes about "knowing" yourself and what works for you.  I've already applied a LOT of strategies to start some new habits and I've been successful (if only for a week.)
Here are some other things I liked about this book:
- The 4 Tendencies:  Upholder, Obliger,Questioner, and Rebel.  These tendencies are how people deal with expectations from others and our own selves.  By the way, I'm an Obliger.  My husband and youngest daughter are Upholders while Key Lime Pie is a Questioner and a Rebel.
- I love that Gretchen (I've decided we are on a first name basis) explains that habits are different for different people.  She goes into lots of details about different kinds of strategies and ways of "learning" because she realizes that forming habits is not a one size fits all.
- Gretchen had great insight to abstinence and moderation.  I'm TRYING moderation for one of my new habits.  I may need to switch to abstinence, but I would rather not.
- The loophole spotting chapter is very helpful.  Last night I almost fell into one....
- I never thought about the danger of rewards and the benefits of treats.  I need to work better on that.
I really recommend this book.  I think it is going to have a huge impact on my own life for the better.  And it's entertaining to read too....
Great quote:  "How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives." Annie Dillard


  1. Sounds like a book I would enjoy! Wish we were closer so I could barrow it :)

  2. Louisa, you are being able to do sooo many good things! We're happy for you to have been able to go to Ohio. I'm sure you now know more about that state than I do!
    Sundy, the book sounds like one of those 'really good' kinds that make a real difference in you. I like the quote at the end - so true... We had a fifth Sunday meeting yesterday on goal setting. It would have been a perfect ending to the lesson. Mom/Mil