Sunday, April 10, 2016


We left early Tuesday morning for Utah.... None of us had ever been to Arches National Park before.  It was WORTH it!  We LOVED it!  God has created such a magnificent Earth for us to enjoy!  And Arches was truly amazing!  After spending about 6 hours exploring the park, we went to Monticello to see the temple that my parents work at.  It was so cute!  Oh!  And I forgot to mention, the girls were fortunate enough to have a father who let them run across the border from Colorado to Utah... Now they can say they "ran for the border!"
They ran about 1/4 of a mile....
And were happy at the "finish line!"
The Beginning of a FANTASTIC day!
The first spot on the trip... Parkway!
We all were awed by the breathtaking beauty!
Key Lime Pie, Lollipop and Kotten Kandy pose with the first arch they saw!
Key Lime Pie
Kotten Kandy
Kotten Kandy was really excited when she remembered that Rachel in the book Beyonders found a portal at Arches National Park....  She kept hoping she'd fall through the portal...
My handsome husband ignored his bad knee and hiked anyway...
I loved this unusual rock formation!
Kotten Kandy thinks she is a mountain goat.
She loved climbing the rocks.
Lollipop's father was really envious that his little girl got to experience such magnificent beauty.
My three daughters!
Look how strong my husband is?!
It's a good thing he held this arch up....
Key Lime Pie
Kotten Kandy
The Sand Arch was unusual....
The wind was blowing sooooo hard.
Scott took a picture of the three girls in "misery."
The wind was blowing so hard that the sand stung the girls eyes, mouths, ears... everything!
They were COVERED in sand.
Key Lime Pie was crying.
Lollipop was screaming, "Ouch!  Ouch!  Ouch!"
Kotten Kandy was laughing through the pain...
I had always wanted to stop at "Hole in the Rock...."  So we did.
It's definitely a tourist trap.
But it was also funny with all the eclectic, strange "things" that surrounded the spot....
The Monticello Temple was established the same year Key Lime Pie was established!
This cute, little temple was fun to see....
And was a fun way to "end" our Day Trip to Arches!


  1. Nice - I love the Monticello temple! Glad you got to see it :)

  2. No one can make memories like the DeGooyers do... Your pictures turned out very well. What did Louisa's Dad think?