Saturday, April 16, 2016


Doritos, Asparagus, Lemon Drop, Kotten Kandy
Almond, a new friend...., Rice Krispie Treat and Sweetarts
This morning we had our homeschool temple trip and activity.  Key Lime Pie wasn't able to go due to work.  But Kotten Kandy and I had a GREAT time!  Since Kotten Kandy and I both love Broadway musicals, we cranked up "The Music Man" soundtrack while we drove to the event.  We laughed and sang along.  The temple was awesome, as usual!  And then the group headed over to Sullivan University for a tour.  It was pretty cool!  We toured the culinary and baking schools.  I think, if I had seen this when I was younger, I may have wanted to become a chef.  The food looked and smelled amazing.  The kitchen labs were incredible.  And the baking "art" was spectacular!  We enjoyed sampling a bit of the baking too.  What a fun field trip!  I wish Scott and Key Lime Pie could have joined us!
Almond photo-bombed...
These were some of the delicious dishes that were made
for a competition for "Taste of Kentucky"
Kotten Kandy and Lemon Drop sample some of the delicious baking...
These kids are so great!
I sure missed a few in our ranks, though!


  1. Are they some of the same kids that are in your choir? I can't believe how much you are getting done these days. :)