Monday, April 11, 2016


My Mountain Valley Home....
Here's the last one....  We headed home on Friday and got home Saturday.  We had a WONDERFUL time in Colorado.  In fact, we all cried when we left.  We will miss the beauty of this great land... but mostly we will miss family!  (Even Lollipop cried because she was going to miss Mil, Grandpa Mac, GJ, Short Bread and Shaved Ice so much!  She LOVED the family!)
On our way home we decided to stop at a few special places.  Check it out:
We had to stop in Rifle, Colorado to eat lunch/dinner at Shooters.
It was really fun to get a burger from waitresses "packin' heat!"
The whole restaurant was pro-2nd Amendment!
We loved it!
The Denver, Colorado Temple
Scott and I were sealed here 20+ years ago!
The Kansas City Temple
This picture was taken at 3 AM...
Fun fact:  the Kansas City Temple is not located in Kansas,,, it's in Missouri.
The St Louis Temple
Amy and Mark Bettenhausen were sealed here....
We all were excited to see "their" temple!
We made it home!  We love and miss Colorado and the family!  But it was nice to sleep in our own beds.  Laundry is done.  We bought milk and bread.  Lollipop is back in school this morning, and Key Lime Pie & Kotten Kandy are back to their own routines.  Scott is working.  And I am blogging....


  1. Looks like fun! I want to go to Shooters someday. That is AWESOME!!!

  2. Why do all good things have to come to an end? Or should I say, "We were so very blessed to have been able to share your holiday!" Mom/Mil