Sunday, November 6, 2016


I realized that there are a LOT of little things that make me happy!  I often struggle with depression... but I know that I need to find things that make me happy.  It's not hard.  There are many things that bring me joy:  my kind husband, my beautiful daughters, my friends' wonderful kids, thoughtful gifts, flowers, etc.
This girl LOVES Top Gun!  This cute sweat shirt and the smirk make me smile!
This quaint, little smoke house on our walk with an adorable Jelly Bean in front make me smile!
This tiny turtle (only about 1 1/2 inches) on our walk made me smile!
Maple's hilarious expressions make me smile!  (She's super fun too!)
Catching Apple Pie with a "real" smile makes me smile!
This BEAUTIFUL, homemade, leather-bound book makes me smile!
Taffy made it!  It's AMAZING!  I want one!  And Kotten Kandy loves it too!
These crazy, co-eds with mud on their face makes me smile!
Raisin's happy moments make me smile!
Scott remembering me when I feel down makes me smile!
Walking in this beautiful park makes me smile!


  1. Love those 'smiling' thoughts. Especially love Scott (as well as his Sundy) and their two wonderful girls. Mom/Mil