Tuesday, November 1, 2016


I LOVE Halloween!  I LOVE kids!  I LOVE costumes!  I LOVE candy!  And I LOVE the excitement, fun and traditions!
This year we hosted all of our friends for trick-or-treating and chili!  We had 35 people at our house!  I LOVED the crazy fun!  I didn't get a huge group picture... but I got lots of pics.  My eldest daughter also got to have some Halloween fun this weekend.  Her pics are also included!  So... here is a photo journal of our holiday!
This man embraces the fun of dressing up!
He even made his crown out of 54 crayons.
It was really heavy.
One sweet, little trick-or-treater (maybe 4 years old?)
 was really sad that we were passing out candy instead of crayons...
So Scott handed her a purple crayon from his crown!  She was thrilled!
These two cute girls had a lot of fun!
Fig Newton LOVED dressing up and going trick-or-treating!
She's never done it before....
This is only SOME of our crazy kids!
I was soooooo impressed that Juice made his own costume!
And so did Taffy!  - His "Mistborn cloak" was AWESOME!
Stacy and Trina joined us!  They made me laugh!
Since I only have daughters, I've adopted these sweet boys!
Yes, I have sons!!!!
The Crayon King has an affinity for Yellow!
I love this man!
Scott's work got into the holiday spirit!
The fearless, colorful Leader!
Shanae = a Cowgirl
Kiara = a Hufflepuff
They visited a haunted corn maze with these crazy guys!
And they had tons of fun!
I missed celebrating with these crazy college girls!


  1. Well, the way I get my Halloween fun is vicarious... But I have to wait for the pictures until my daughter and daughter in law send them! I didn't even get to see the girls here - except for the pictures!
    Your Halloween crayon costumes are really great. Did you make them - or maybe order them from afar? Yes, I like you in yellow too! Love you, Mom

  2. You always make things fun for sure!