Monday, November 14, 2016


What a crazy, fun week.  And it is all so random.  Let's get started....
We went to see Dr. Strange.  It was a fun movie.  And I'm glad we all took the time to hang out together...  I found it funny that all four of us had SIX eyes to watch the 3-D movie.
6-Eyed Dr. Strange fans!
Scott and I double dated to the temple TWICE this week!!!  We went with Amy and Mark.  We LOVE the temple!  It is truly a wonderful, peaceful, happy place.  And going with BFs makes it even more fun!  And Qdoba after?!  Can you say, a "perfect" date?!
I love US!
Amy and Mark
Asparagus is 17!  (Can you believe it?  In one year he'll be headed off on his mission!  Where did the time go?)  Kotten Kandy and Fig Newton got him a shirt that "fits" his personality.
Asparagus with his adopted sisters!
The gang played Laser Tag to celebrate.  It was really fun!
LOVE these kids!
I laughed so hard to watch Teresa Pina and Kotten Kandy shooting each other.
Sneaking around....
Time to reload....
I was the guardian of the phones and jackets!
These girls are armed and dangerous!
Maple, Rice Krispie, Kotten Kandy, Apple Jacks, Guarana, Chex and Fig Newton
This amazing young woman is going on a mission to Pittsburgh, PA.  She leaves Wednesday.  Thanks for being such a role model for my daughters, Emily!
Fig Newton, Sister Pina (in 3 days) and Kotten Kandy
Kiara and Shanae retaliated by wrapping Billy's car in plastic.  Apparently he TPed her car earlier this week.
"Revenge is Sweet!"
That's what Kiara and Shanae said....
Here's Billy's reaction.
And Kiara and Mariah dyed their hair again....  (Thanks, Lollipop, for teaching Kiara the art of hair dye.)
My beautiful niece!
My beautiful daughter!
I read a book that I didn't finish.  I chose not to finish.  But I'm still reviewing it because I thought I'd let you know my opinion and why I didn't finish it.  The book is called Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman.  The premise of this book piqued my interest.  It is about a kid who is mentored, spiritually and physically to become the best he could be.  I thought that my husband would enjoy the  book because he loves bettering himself and mentoring.  The main character is not relate-able.  He's very "of the world."  (His worldliness is one of the main reasons I stopped reading.)  And the mentor was a bit Mr. Miagi-esc.  And if you want to truly become more spiritual and better - read the scriptures!  I don't usually quit books.  I did this one.  Unfortunately, I do NOT recommend this book.

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  1. Good grief, Sundy! Reading your blog made me tired. If I were trying to live it, I might not be around much longer!
    Kiara and Shanae are off to see Dr. Strange in a few minutes. Teens are full of the same kinds of energy their Mom (and aunt) seems to have.
    As per our conversation, I can see the wind down coming for you too. Maybe our guy Scott needs at least one full year of your complete attention? Actually, he's soooo good, I'd say he deserves even more than that... :)
    Love you, Mom