Friday, November 25, 2016


Happy Thanksgiving!  We are so blessed!  And I love taking time to think about the things I am thankful for!  It sounds cliche, but I am truly grateful for Heavenly Father and His Son.  I truly appreciate my incredible, wonderful, talented and creative husband.  I'm thankful for my amazing family (near and far).  And I'm grateful for friends who have "become" family!
Our Kentucky Family!!!!
(I love how our table looks so pretty!)
Our celebrations included a lot of traditions (and first time's for Fig Newton!)  Check it out:
So... thanksgiving begins the day before...
We break bread for the stuffing....
And Fig Newton created the most beautiful place cards!
Each card has their name in English and Thai.
She drew and painted them....
I've learned that everyone has different talents in life.  Mine is not cooking.  But I LOVE crafting and kids.... So I entertained These awesome kids with a Christmas craft before dinner.  And yes, they learned the right way to use a glue gun.  When they burn themselves (and don't we all burn ourselves with glue guns once in awhile?) I've taught them to say, "Ouch.  I'm a true crafter."  No tears and no screaming allowed.  
Apple Pie caught on quickly.
Marmalade decides to use blue instead of traditional red and green.
Nuts made 3 ornaments!
Juice made very un-traditional ornaments including a Dr. Who dalek?!
Fig Newton's ornaments were works of art.
Kotten Kandy takes her crafting very seriously.
They turned out GREAT!
Dinner was DELICIOUS!
Amy and Scott are magic in the kitchen!
And Amy even helped me clean up afterwards so it wasn't hard....
And I'm sooooo grateful that Kiara Lea got to celebrate the season with family too... even is she is 23 hours away.  Thanks, mom, dad and sister for making her feel wanted and loved!
Scott said, "It's not every day you see a Kia and 3 Hondas together!"
I love these girls!
Ken, GJ, Dad and Mom
These girls are AWESOME!
And I LOVE this picture!
And then... today... this happened:
Kotten Kandy and her father suffer from P.O.P.D. (Perfect Ornament Placement Disorder)
The symptoms also include P.N.P.D. (Perfect Nativity Placement Disorder)
Fig Newton has never decorated a Christmas tree.  She's never celebrated Christmas.
So this is extra fun!  We are getting ready.... for the next celebration!

OK - This might sound hokey, but I'm also grateful to my readers of my silly blog  It makes me happy when I know someone is actually reading.  Thank you!  And Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. I am thankful for your blog and all the joy it brings me.

  2. Love the place cards created by Fig. And the ornaments are too cute! We LOVE having Kiara at our home!!! Happy Thanks Giving and Merry Christmas!!!

  3. I hadn't even thought about it, but hey, Happy Thanks Giving, Fern! We're grateful yopu came. Howe to see more of you soon.
    Grandpa Mac

  4. I love your blog!! Thank you for it! 1 month til Christmas and I'm back in Kentucky!!! I love Christmas!!!!

  5. I don't think it's that Kiara is a bit homesick or anything...
    Glad you had such a special day. Thanks for sharing the pictures of it all. Ours was great too! Of course, we had two celebrations in one here because we got to have Mariah here. :)
    So we had a birthday party as well as a Thanksgiving, and we partied till we all dropped! Then "Beasts" took everything completely out of us - except Shanae who was really pretty sick. :(
    Take care, and have fun getting Christmas going!!! Mom/Mil
    P.S. Fern, the name tags even look professional