Thursday, November 17, 2011


No time to blog this week... we are in the middle of NaNoWriMo. Here is a SHORT excerpt from my novel:

Chandra was keeping watch as her sister slept. The moon was full and the sky was clear. Chandra could hear her black wolf wail from a distance. Everywhere she looked, she saw more deserted wasteland. She was tired of the dry, flat moorland. She longed to see rivers, and trees, and mountains, and hills.

In the distance Chandra saw something moving towards their camp. It seemed far away, but was moving quickly. It looked like a rider on a horse, but as the creature got nearer, she knew it was not human or a horse. Her pulse began to race, as she detected something unnatural about the beast. She instinctively reached for her dagger as she moved closer to her sister.

Lupita woke up feeling uneasy. When she noticed her sister’s tense posture, she knew something was wrong. She reached for her bow and stood to look in the direction her sister faced. She couldn’t believe her eyes. A colossal scorpion was heading for them. The scorpion’s blood-red eyes had murder in them. It’s giant pinchers were clacking as they reached out towards the twins. Chandra hacked at the claws with her dagger, but the scorpion was too quick for her.
Lupita loaded an arrow into her bow and aimed for the demon’s heart, but the outer shell of the scorpion protected it against the sharp metal arrow. The venomous stinger lunged towards Lupita, but she narrowly jumped out of the way. Her only option was to call the wolves. She wailed in the wolven language she had been practicing. The wolves answered but the distance seemed insurmountable. She was sure they would both be dead before the wolves could help. She howled again as she dodged a second attack from the gigantic tail. Chandra was busy hacking at the monstrous pincers.

“Watch out!” Chandra cried as the scorpion turned it’s pincers towards Lupita. Chandra whacked at the tail before jumping out of the way of a deadly sting. As Lupita twirled her body to avoid the claws, she saw two boys running across the barren expanse. Their speed was astonishing. When they reached the battle scene with the scorpion, they began to help the twins fight the beast. The dark-haired youth managed to jump up on the abdomen of the monster and began to blind it with a wooden stick. While the creature was struggling to rid itself
of the rider, the blonde young man began to hack at the pincers with Chandra. Lupita grabbed one of her arrows and pushed it as hard as she could into the heart of the scorpion. The beast began to convulse, throwing the black haired boy off. It shook for a few minutes as the four youth watched. And finally the scorpion fell deathly still.

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  1. Sundy Lea,
    How many words do you need? I'd not be able to write to 'be able to write a number of words'. I'd have to just be into 'feeling' something deeply to be able to make it happen...
    I admire your tenacity at a job. You are interesting - when motivated, look out!!!
    Love you. Mom