Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Key Lime Pie is truly an amazing Young Woman! She is only 13 years old and has already finished five projects (out of eight) of the Personal Progress program. She is in progress with the remaining three. She scrapbooked each project and was able to display her talents and accomplishments for Young Women in Excellence this evening.There are some things every young woman needs.
#1 GOOD FRIENDS! Applesauce is one of Key Lime Pie's best friends in Kentucky! We are so glad she is in our lives!
Good friends are friends who make you a better person. And these young women do! From left to right: Applesauce, Nettie, Key Lime Pie, and Maple Syrup. #2 ROLE MODEL
Nettie is an amazing Young Woman. She is a senior in high school and will be leaving for college soon... but my daughter looks up to her sooooo much! I'm glad! I couldn't pick a better role model for her to emulate!#3 GREAT LEADERS
Roxy Shiffer and Karen Dupre are AMAZING leaders! Key Lime Pie loves them!#4 GOALS!
We loved this quote next to the temple: "If this is not your castle, then you are not my prince!" The temple is an important goal in Key Lime Pie's life! She has such a fabulous testimony of the gospel! We are blessed to have her in our life!

Tonight was wonderful. I'm grateful for the Young Women's program! I'm grateful Key Lime Pie has such great opportunities!


  1. Kiara Lea (Keylime Pie),
    Your display is lovely. You and your friends look like beautiful people. Your accomplishments are incredibly admirable. You just may be my first grand daughter to get your medalian!!!
    Proud of you, Kiddo!
    Love, Mil

  2. Sure sorry we missed this. She is a beautiful and good young woman.