Sunday, November 13, 2011


To Do Lists really work around our house. I love them and my daughters love them. They keep us focused on what we are supposed to be doing for school and for homemaking. The other day both daughters claimed that they LOVED making their daily To Do Lists because they get so much more done when they do!

Every morning we write out two lists. One is a To Do List - Have To Do and the other list is a To Do List - For Fun. The rule we have is that in order to do anything on the second list the first list has to be done. It works for us!

Here are a few tricks we have learned:
1. Everyone makes their own To Do List. Ownership of the tasks is half the battle in our house.
2. Be specific with your To Do List. We achieve more that way. We try to make our To Do Lists achievable so we break down our goals into smaller steps.
3. Having two lists helps us to PRIORITIZE. :-)
4. Be flexible. If we don't accomplish everything on our lists at the end of the day, we don't beat ourselves up. We just write it down for the following day, until it is crossed out.

We have found that making our To Do Lists helps us to be more focused! What works for you?

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