Sunday, May 17, 2015


Raising teenagers is a challenge... but I love it!
My daughters are really great girls!
They are silly and sweet!
And they have wonderful testimonies of Christ!
But they also like to steal my phone for selfies:
Crazy kids!
But beautiful!
Kotten Kandy finished up her musical last week... 
and I took a few pictures from the audience.
The Jitterbug dance was amazing!
Kotten Kandy was so cute with her little bug pigtails.
And it was my favorite scene she was in.
When she marched onto stage as a general her legs went straight out in front.
So funny!
Juice calls her "Bucket Head" for this scene!
Kotten Kandy was the best witch there!
She was loud enough (without being miked.)
And she rode her vacuum cleaner with flair!
Kotten Kandy was so glad to get to spend time with Muffin before she moves.
Glad they did the show together!
She thought Tibia was lots of fun too....
Van Way did a great job as the Tin Man and became a good friend too.
Witches together!
She really liked the cast.
She'll miss them now that it's over.
I took this snap shot of Scott with Jelly Bean the other day.
It's too good not to share!
Jelly Bean adores Scott!  And he's wormed his way into all of our hearts!!!!!

Yes!  We (the girls and I) walk/run at least 3 times a week.
And the weather is perfect for it right now.
We are loving the nature and the beauty on our trail!
This little guy was rescued by Amy off the trail so he wouldn't get run over...
Aren't these flowers gorgeous?
They surround my mailbox!
I LOVE Spring!
We went to the zoo on Wednesday... with 13 kids!
It was fun!
Here are the guys:
And the girls:
The little ones always gravitate toward Key Lime Pie.
She's a natural with kids!
Kotten Kandy and Lemon Drop are looking at the gorgeous birds!
I know that I've already blogged this picture...
But it's my absolute favorite!
I am soooooooo blessed to be the mother of these two amazing girls!
I love getting to share in their lives!
I'm sad that they are growing up too fast... 
and before I know it they'll move away with lives of their own....
I've been trying to "let go" and give them more agency.
I've been trusting them more.
And they have earned that trust.
But this mom is still sad to see them need me less and less.
I pray that they know how much I love them!
And I pray that they know how much their Heavenly Father loves them!


  1. They are sure growing up fast and we truly are blessed to be their parents. They are so beautiful and talented just like their mother.

  2. I love and miss you all so much! Can't wait for the end of June. Wish Kiara and Scott could come visit too. Super excited to see you and Kiatia though :)

  3. Katia, you must have had a blast! And you finally grew your hair LONG! I sure wish I could have been there to see you perform... Scott, your pic is sooo cute. :) I can see why Sundy wanted to show it off. I can also see why Sundy loves the last picture too. REALLY a good one! Love to my KY family. Mom/Mil

  4. You are a great Mom, I can tell!! :)