Friday, May 1, 2015


Well... I'm posting a picture of Twizzler so grandparents can "see" this young man.  The picture is a bit grainy because I took it with my phone and I'm not sure how to use my phone well.  Anyways, here he is:
So far, this young man has impressed me.  He's polite.  He's nice.  He treats my daughter well.  He opens doors.  He visits with parents. etc. etc. etc.
In other, related, news:  Key Lime Pie and Twizzler went to see Avengers last night.  They said the movie was awesome!  But someone decorated their car with buzz words during the movie.  I might have proof that Muffin was involved in the crime...  And I may or may not have driven the get-away-car.  (I also have learned from Criminal Minds to disguise my handwriting so there is no proof I was involved in anyway.)  Check it out:
In other news (that isn't about Twizzler):  Our family loves being silly, giving group hugs, etc.  Here's our selfie:


  1. Gotta admit I like him so far - he has great taste in girls! As long as he keeps treating my Kiara well. Together they look quit fabulous... or should I say awesome... :)

  2. Kiara, Twizzler is talllll! He's also cute. And I agree with GJ - he has good taste. Sounds like the movie was fun and I'm betting the Prom will be a blast! Hello to all and have a good Friday. Mom/Mil