Saturday, May 9, 2015


Key Lime Pie was pretty excited about Prom tonight.  The first time she met Twizzler at work, she thought he was pretty "awesome!"  She came home and told us about this "really cute and nice" guy she worked with.  About two months later he asked her to Prom.  She was elated.  Mom screamed. Kotten Kandy celebrated.  And Scott got out his gun.  So, here is the cute couple:
Guns and Prom?!
Beautiful Flowers....
I must have the two most beautiful daughters EVER!
Key Lime Pie with her best friend: Kotten Kandy
D.A.D.D. = Dad's Against Daughters Dating
Twizzler's Mom and Key Lime Pie's Dad...
The Rubber Band Wars Continue....
I love my daughter.  And I love that Twizzler makes her happy.  Our whole family kinda likes him.


  1. Awesome gun. Cute couple. Sounds like a lot of fun. I wish I had friends as cool as you guys are. Oh…Wait… I do. :) I'm glad everyone had fun. And I sure hope that gun wasn't loaded.

  2. Fabulous Pictures!!! Love the blue eyes on Key Lime and Twiz ;) Scott cracks me up as he tries to look tough - lol And the gun shots (Pun intended) are fabulous! I truly love the pics with my two beautiful nieces!!! Best girls ever. I sure love them both!!! Oh - and Happy Mothers Day Sister! :)

  3. Well, 'the' prom happened! I think I only got one - maybe two - I can't quite remember... But I only got one picture for sure. Sooo, Kiara, I'm glad your date to prom was sooo successful! There aren't all that many opportunities for big dances.
    What was the evening like? Did they have a live band? Does T. dance? Did you dance every dance? Your flowers are way pretty, and you look lovely as can be. Katia, Grandpa played the grandkids' songs this morning before Church. "Katia, come home" made me lonesome for you... When will you come home?
    Happy Mother's Day daughter #1! You have very sweet daughters. Scott, you've taught all three well. Thank you. :) Mom/Mil