Friday, May 8, 2015


Kotten Kandy has been spending a LOT of time at the high school for the past few months rehearsing for this weekend's performance.  Last night we all came to see her perform.  She was by far the cutest person on stage.  And she was loud enough and talented enough to make us all take notice. I wasn't able to get pictures of all her costumes (I'll try to get some more shots tonight.) but my favorite costume was the Witch and the Jitter Bug.
She said she will miss her new thespian friends after the show ends on Saturday night.  But mom won't miss having to taxi her to and from the rehearsals.
Look at ALL the fans who came to support her!  She is truly loved!  And it's wonderful that we have such great "family" here in Kentucky!
Kotten Kandy got flowers from the Bettenhausens and mom and dad!
Kotten Kandy is a beautiful, and talented young lady!  I'm soooooooooo lucky to be her mom!


  1. Beautiful flowers, Beautiful girl! Sure love her!!! Wish I could be there for the performance :)

  2. She really is talented and beautiful. She sure is loved by all.

  3. Okay, Katia, I'm not sure I'd have recognized you in your witch costume. All that hair! Did you enjoy having long blonde hair? But when I looked closer, I saw you were definitely there beneath it! Beautiful! Were you supposed to be the beautiful witch of the _____??!! And the costume. Goodness - did you guys have anything to do with that? Way impressive. Glad you didn't really follow my advice and break any legs. Have fun tonight too. :) Mil