Sunday, May 3, 2015


The show choir had a concert on Friday night! I REALLY love all these kids.  And I've REALLY loved being able to sing with them every week.  I also REALLY love Disney.  (I actually had a Disney wedding 20 years ago!)  There is nothing better than Disney music to make someone happy.  So this semester we did a Disney Review.  My favorite parts were The Little Mermaid and "We're All In This Together."  Is there any better song than "Kiss the Girl?"  And I love the message of "We're All In This Together!"  I have spent most of the past two years trying to get these kids to smile and really "perform" their songs.  (Not just sing.)  They rocked this concert and all of them were great showmen!!!!  Kotten Kandy is a natural!  She's always been a terrific showman.  And I love that she shares the love of the stage with me!  Our new "thing" is to sing "There's a special kind of people known as SHOW PEOPLE!"  Of course when we sing it we act it!  I sure love my little girl!
What do you get when you mix Twizzlers and Key Lime Pie?  This:
Key Lime Pie has a boyfriend.  He asked her out on Saturday with pie.  He really does seem like a nice young man with good standards.  (If you are reading this Twizzlers, you need to know that I trust you with my precious daughter!)
I got to go on a date Saturday night with my cute husband!  Scott and I spent 6 hours working at the temple.  Then we went to Qdobas (one of my absolute FAVORITE places to eat).  And we ended our date watching the Avengers.  It was AWESOME!  And guess what?  My date even held my hand during the movie!  I think he likes me!
Scott and I will be married 20 years this August.  We've had our ups and our downs, but I have not regretted a moment of our lives together.  He is a great man!  Lately I've been thinking about how we can improve our already good marriage.  I came up with four things to help us stay in love for another 20+ years.  Here's our plan:
1.  Continue to date each other regularly.  I ABSOLUTELY loved going out on Saturday night with such a cute guy!  And it makes me feel special to be "dated."
2.  Continue to flirt.  I like sending Scott flirty text messages, and winking at him when he's across the room.  I love it when he calls me Brightness (my nick name from him.)
3.  Kiss each other in public.  I don't like couples who “make out” in public, but a quick kiss or a hug makes me feel like he's not ashamed to be seen with me.  Holding hands is great too.
and 4.  Spoil each other.  I try to spoil Scott with time, service, small "gifts" ie. favorite drink, etc.  I like being spoiled in return.
Scott and I continually try to improve and these are four areas I'm working on in our relationship!  I'm grateful for my husband!  He's amazing!


  1. I really enjoyed our date on Saturday too, Brightness! I am grateful for our eternal marriage and the blessing you are in my life.

  2. A boy with values and who treats you well... sounds like Twizzlers is just that. Now give him a BOM - lol You can tell him it is from your aunt if you want. Love you girl!

  3. Katia, I wish I could have been there for your choir performance - and could be there for The Wizard of Oz. Why does Kentucky have to be so far away?!
    I'd love seeing you in your prom dress this weekend too, Kiara. I bet you'll look lovely!
    Love your comment, Scott - and love and appreciate YOU!