Sunday, May 8, 2016


One thing our family LOVES is traditions.  I could write an entire book about traditions and why my husband and I feel traditions are so important....  Suffice it to say, traditions have brought us tons of joy and fun experiences....
One of our favorite traditions started 6 years ago when we moved to Kentucky.  Our AWESOME friends, the Fieldings, have invited us to watch the Derby at their home every year.  The day is full of Derby hats, swimming, BBQ, Mint Julips (non-alcoholic, of course), Derby pie, and of course, watching a two minute horse race and cheering at the top of our voices for our favorite picks.  (I won bragging rights this year, cuz I picked the winner - before I knew he was the chosen favorite.  I just liked his name:  Nyquist.)  Having wonderful friends to share our Kentucky tradition is so great!
Derby Hats!
Hot Tamale, Apple Jacks, Red Hot, Oatmeal Cookie, Lollipop, Razzlers, Kotten Kandy and Key Lime Pie
Our Derby Hats....  I love my ball cap that I wear once a year:  School?  It's Derby Week
Enjoying their Mint Julips!
These are some of the best men I know...
Scott, Doug and Jeremy
First Swim of the Season!
Key Lime Pie, Razzlers, Oatmeal Cookie and Kotten Kandy
After we got home (late)... We decided to go see Civil War at 10:30 PM.  (Yes, we are exhausted this morning.)  The show was fun.  I (and my family) are definitely Team Captain America.  Tony Stark is too arrogant and a HUGE jerk!  (Full Disclosure:  If someone asks me who my favorite super heroes are, I have four:  Captain America, Batman, Hawkeye and Antman....)  Anyways, we had a lot of fun watching the movie until 1:30 AM!
AND Happy Mother's Day!
I have to give a shout out to two INCREDIBLE mothers:  Mine and Scott's!  They are two of my role models.  Their examples have made me a better person.  And I hope I can someday live up to their greatness.  I could write a book about each one and their positive traits and the ways I would like to emulate them.  I am truly grateful this day for both of my moms!
And why am I grateful to be a mother?  Because:
My daughters!!!!!


  1. It's true - you have MUCH to be thankful for! Your Mother's Day should be way special... Thank you for the sweet thoughts you just expressed about your moms. :)
    And the horse's name IS an interesting one. I've seen the shots of the race and sleek is the word that comes to mind. It's amazing that the whole thing is over with in two short minutes. Oh, and I heard that Ted Cruz was there for the race too.
    Have a good one... Love YOU, Mom