Saturday, May 7, 2016


I LOVED Friday!
We are so blessed with such an awesome group of friends and fellow homeschoolers.  Our "group" makes me smile!  These kids make me smile!  They are GREAT kids!
Friday was our monthly temple trip with these kids:
In the tree:  Kotten Kandy, Taffy, Maple and Doritos
Below:  Sweet Tarts, Rice Krispie Treat, Asparagus, Lemon Drop, Key Lime Pie and Almond
(Taffy and Maple are our newest friends!  We already love them TONS!  Glad they are part of us!)
After the temple we went to the park to learn about different cultures and try foods from various places.  It was super tastey!  Then we let the kids be kids...  Tree climbing was fun!
Kotten Kandy with Taffy and Maple
Sweet Tarts showing Asparagus how to play ball....
Dancing fun: Key Lime Pie, Rice Krispie Treat, Maple
Headlock fun:  Taffy and Almond
Doritos decided he looked like a pirate!
(In a separate note:  We are really going to miss Doritos and Lemon Drop...  They are leaving us!
We wish we could hide them in our basement when their parents move - maybe they'll leave without them....)
Almond is bonkers!  And Asparagus is cuckoo!
Two beautiful girls:  Kotten Kandy and Maple
After the park we went our house....  Pizza and Pool until... the final show choir concert this season.
Great kids!
Great show!
I'm super sad that some of these kids are moving....  :-(
Teenagers visiting....
Lollipop is going to miss her "Mexican Housewife!"
Don't ask!  They are soooo silly!
I have truly loved singing with these amazing kids!  They are AWESOME!!!!  And I especially loved sharing my music-theater love with them!  They made me smile, laugh and cry!  (That's why musicals are so amazing!  There's a song/show for every emotion or whim!)  I love my choir kids!  I wish I could adopt all of these wonderful kids today!  (Yes, it would be a big family!  But we'd have fun!)
I love everyone of you!
The other day, Key Lime Pie was really cold...  So this is her outfit.
Amy took the picture.  She thought it "captured" her uniqueness!
I sure love this kid of mine!
I'm going to have a hard time, come August, saying goodbye....

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  1. You are awesome sister! You make everything fun :)