Monday, May 30, 2016


Raisin met us at the finish line....
5K Race!?  We did it!
Amy, Me, Kotten Kandy and Key Lime Pie
For Memorial Day Weekend we traveled to Alabama and ran our first 5K race.  We've been training for over a year for this moment!  It was wonderful!
But... let's start at the beginning....
We left Friday for Alabama and got in just before midnight.  Saturday we went played and went to the park.
At the park...
Crazy boys?!
Love my Apple Pie and Jelly Bean!
Sunday we went to Church and then went to pick up our race packets, numbers and shirts.  While we were picking up our "stuff" we stopped to feed the ducks.  Can you believe we saw the entire Plan of  Salvation drawn in chalk on the sidewalk?  It was cool!
Kotten Kandy and Key Lime looking at the fish with Jelly Bean.
Marmalade and Jelly Bean feeding the ducks.
We are standing at Earth Life.... The rest of the Plan was to large to photograph.
Our new shirts.
Monday morning = Race Day!  We all finished.  And more importantly, we accomplished a goal!  Yea!
Before the race.
We ran the 5K.
(I walked.)
Marmalade, Apple Pie and Nuts prepare for the 1 mile fun run.
Juice is also ready to go.
Exhaustion after the race... but still smiles!
Kotten Kandy's time = 45:39
Key Lime Pie's time = 48:32
My goal was 16 minute miles!  I did it!
49:44 = my time
This boy ran the entire mile!
And he crossed the finish line with a HUGE smile!
These two are proud of their accomplishment!

Dr. Pepper was their drink of choice after the race.
This crazy group ALL ran!  Yea, for us!
We are home now... and a new month is about to begin....


  1. Congrats! I might have walked it with you, Sundy. But running isn't in my vocab. Girls, you two are tough, and I'm proud of you... Mom/Grandma Mil