Tuesday, September 13, 2016


I got to go walking this morning.  It was BEAUTIFUL!  I've missed my morning walks with Amy and Kotten Kandy.  The yellow flowers were in bloom!  The weather was nice!  And I really enjoyed being in nature!
I LOVE yellow!!!
And I LOVE flowers!!!
Isn't this scene BEAUTIFUL!?!
Then we saw this unusual fire truck sight...  We have no idea why they were spraying the lawn with all that water.  It was cool.
I  also got some cute pics from Key Lime Pie with her cousin, Mariah.  They spent the day together: shopping, looking for work, doing yoga, etc.  They had a really fun day!
My sweet daughter and my sweet niece!
Key Lime Pie
Key Lime Pie took this picture because it reminded her of home!
This gorgeous girl is my daughter!
I just finished reading a book series by Brandon Sanderson: The Reckoners.  It's a 3 book series.  This series is a twist on superheroes.  It's a fun book that in clever and imaginative.  In these books, the superheroes are the little guys and their power is that they don't give up.  It was fun, but not my favorite books by Brandon Sanderson.  I didn't relate to the main character that much so that was frustrating.  But I love Brandon Sanderson's creativity and unique stories.  I would recommend it to young adults - especially young boys.


  1. This makes me smile :) I love these girls and I love yellow flowers <3
    Just curious why Mariah is called by her real name and not a nickname?

  2. It's strange seeing Kiaira in her purple sweater that she was wearing a couple of days ago -- in YOUR blog. The back and forth with technology boggles my mind! Mom/Mil