Thursday, September 1, 2016


Before we left Utah yesterday, we decided to go look at the world's largest copper mine that you can even see from outer-space.  It was impressive!
Me, Fig Newton, Kotten Kandy and Scott
This mine was majestic!
It reminded me - on a larger scale - of ancient ruins....
Scott with his sister, Kerri
Kotten Kandy was impressed that she could see the Salt Lake valley, Provo and the Great Salt Lake....
The view was spectacular!
Fig Newton loved the view and the extremely bumpy drive....
It was gorgeous!
Aunt Kerri with her nieces and brother....
Then we drove to Idaho.  It was a relatively quick trip compared to driving from Kentucky to Colorado.  Utah to Idaho was only 5 hours....  I read to Scott in the car to pass the time.  We love reading good books.  (I'll do a book post when I get home to KY....)  Anyways... It was WONDERFUL to see my brother and his family!  I truly love my nieces and nephews!  And it was AWESOME to get lots of hugs and smiles from them!  I reminded them that I am their favorite aunt!  (This morning I am bribing them with candy, hugs and quality time!)  I love these kids!
Top row:  Toast, Kiwi, Trix, Starburst, and Laffy Taffy
Bottom Row:  Air Head, Me and Jam
Cousins are ready made friends for eternity!
And Fig Newton is now part of our eternal friendships!
These kids ROCK!

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  1. FAMILY is ready-made friends for eternity... :) I'm glad YOU are part of mine. Mom/Mil