Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Soooo... Sometimes I am so proud of my eldest daughter.  Today she worked HARD!  She held her own as she cleared land with her grandpa and two other young men.  She is growing so much!  And I really like the young woman she has become!
The work crew!
(Poor girl.  She was "forced" to work with good looking young men!)
Grandpa Mac really carried his weight too!
The mess.
 More mess.
She's worn out....?!
So.... good job, y'all!
I read Glenn Beck's newest book, Liars.  It is very enlightening, and I learned a WHOLE lot.  BTW I really, really, really don't like LBJ.  He's a bad guy.  The facts in this book can be verified easily, so Glenn Beck is either right on the mark and all he claims is true, or all the facts are lies?! I believe the former.  I'm glad I learned these things and I'm glad I read this book.  As President John Adams said over 2 centuries ago: "Facts are stubborn things!"  
Yesterday was a weird day.  I was able to read an entire book between taking pictures of classes.  I picked up the book, Boy by Roald Dahl, on the shelf and began reading.  I liked it.  I'm glad I did read it.
I'm a Dahl fan.  I've enjoyed his children's books.  I think the key to his success as a writer for kids is that he doesn't think kids are stupid or don't understand what's going on.  This book is a collection of sketches of Dahl's school years.  It helps you understand many of the stories that appear in his other books.  This book is full of family love and anecdotes about child's view point,  It was kinda shocking to me that children were beaten with canes and bullied by older boys mercilessly throughout a lot of his young life.  But mostly, this book was an easy, fun read.


  1. Hey, I recognize some of these people! Good workers, all!
    I haven't gotten to Liars yet. Our series on the Revolutionary War is 8, thick volumes long even...
    Dahl? Some of what he's written is disturbing - not to say not good. He simply tells life in a different way from what I think I've seen it... Mom/Mil

  2. I'm keeping Kaira as long as she will let me. I LOVE having her here. And as for the old man - I'm keeping him too! My dad,my hero! 71 years old and NOT holding back.