Monday, September 5, 2016


OK - One more post with miscellaneous pictures from our trip and a shout-out to one of our favorite sister missionaries (who is returning home tomorrow.)
Kotten Kandy was offended that I didn't post a picture of her Thai dessert.
It's fried bananas and coconut ice-cream.  She LOVED it!
At our hotel, Fig Newton and Scott ran into this bunny....
And Scott couldn't resist a selfie with this dinosaur.
He really likes dinos!
Isn't this sunrise beautiful?!  Scott took this picture at my brother's house in Idaho.
Sister Butterfield is another favorite missionary that my daughters want to emulate!
She is standing next to Kotten Kandy.....
BTW - On our trip we read The Lincoln Hypothesis by Timothy Ballard.  Actually, I read it just before the trip and then read it out loud to my husband while he was driving.  It is an excellent book.  I've always liked Abraham Lincoln.  But now I LOVE the man!  He is definitely a spiritual giant.  So is Joseph Smith.  Ballard hypothesizes that the Book of Mormon influenced Lincoln in his spiritual evolution.  After reading this book and learning a lot of interesting history, I agree!  I was inspired by Lincoln's greatness!  I definitely recommend this book.  I liked it so much that I read it twice!


  1. If you can ever get up to Springfield, IL, you'll LOVE all of the rich history there! Brett and I went 10 years ago and really enjoyed learning about this wonderful president.

  2. Love the beautiful sunrise picture! And the book is EXCELLENT! A Hero to emulate for sure!

  3. I'm even thinking about reading the book a second time myself - maybe with Kiara?! Love you, lMil