Sunday, September 18, 2016


Fig Newton, Kotten Kandy and I went to see the Charlotte's Web musical on Thursday night.  It was fun!  The kids did a good job.  The actress who played Charlotte was one of the young women in our ward.  She sang beautifully and did amazing acrobatics while high in the air on her web.  And one of my wonderful piano/voice students also stole the show, dancing and singing with Charlotte.
Fig Newton, Me and Kotten Kandy
Here are a couple more pictures from our walks at the amazing Beckley Creek Park.  It is GORGEOUS!
This tree was sooo cool...  I loved how it extended out over the river.
This picture doesn't do the lilies justice.
They were so pretty and yellow.
Friday night the girls attended another teen party.  They played volleyball and made smores.  I only got a few pics, but these kids are top notch!  They had a good time....
Fig Newton with her famous peace sign.
Kotten Kandy ready to serve.
Key Lime Pie got to go to her first Young Adult Retreat this weekend.  She had so much fun with her cousins.  They went repelling, boating, dancing and got to listen to great speakers.  (In other good news, Key Lime Pie got a job at Chick-Fillet.  She starts Monday.)
Ragged Mountain
Key Lime Pie, Short Bread and Mariah on their way.
On the way home with friends.
The back seat = Key Lime Pie, Lexi and Sister Sherman
The red head is Justin.
Dinner with Mariah, Carrie and Rachel

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  1. I'm missing my other girl in Kentucky. Selfish, aren't I... But I'd sure like to steal her away some days. I'd also love a visit with my daughter. How come KY has to be soooo far away? Kiara and Shanae are in doing homework. I think Kiara is almost done. But Shanae is still needing to work. Love you all, Mom/Mil